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    Asbestos is a known Carcinogen that can cause serious health effects in exposed individuals.  However, there is no need to live in fear of asbestos, even if it is present in building materials in your environment. 

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibrous mineral that is mined and added to building materials because of its strength, heat resistance and durability.  If the fibers within a substance are stable and are not being released into the environment, then the risk of being exposed to asbestos fibers is minimal.  The asbestos-containing materials (ACM) must not be disturbed, otherwise the risk of exposure increases. 

    Over the past few decades appropriate methods for handling asbestos have been developed.  The use of Engineering Controls allows the repair and removal of ACM without the risks.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and State regulations specify appropriate work procedures for asbestos work.

    The regulations spell out specific training requirements for individuals and companies that perform asbestos related work. Certification and licensing requirements must be met before work with asbestos can be undertaken.

    Testing and monitoring are also required by the regulations. These ensure that proper response actions are used, and that buildings and the environment are not contaminated as a result of asbestos related work.

    FERN Environmental LLC is properly certified and licensed and is capable of providing guidance and testing to comply with State and Federal regulatory requirements.  We strive to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.